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If you can't hex, you can't bless!

- Z Budapest and the Members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One

Wednesday, December 12, 2009


CLASS: "The SOUL WARRIOR WOMAN" ... ...a short and powerful class -- in Z's own unique, funny and to-the-point style! -- on hexing rapists and other harmers of women-- what hexing means, what it doesn't mean, and how to do it properly, ethically and with power. The word "hex" has tremendous negative connotations in our language and culture; patriarchy depends upon everyone accepting without question its false premise that women should feel fear and shame for even considering using our magical female abilities on our own behalf ... yet the ancient priestess knew the great power in hexing ethically to help keep women safe from those who would harm us. In January of this year, Z, leading a group of thirteen priestesses, conducted a hexing of four Bay Area rapists who raped and tortured a lesbian woman ... and within a few short days, the Justice of the Goddess had begun. (See video on her website.) Learn from Z Budapest, an honored foremother of modern day goddess spirituality, how to hex effectively, in group and individually.

Shares Ava, Centerholder of the Temple: "Self-defense must be energetic as well as physical, and true protection must be held concomitantly in the Unseen World, as well as the Seen. How long will we tolerate the intolerable crimes against women? We women speak "peace and love," yet the crimes continue. We must speak "peace and love" AND hold magical energetic knowing and protections. Maintaining healthy boundaries, saying 'Stop ... now!' is not unspiritual; to the contrary, we are of the Goddess, we are surely Her precious Priestesses -- and holding ourselves as valuable enough to do this is one of the most spiritually mature actions we women can take -- must take. There is great power in grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters coming together to claim this for women everywhere." Ava will speak on moving through the world projecting the energy that radiates Divine Power to increase personal safety.

HEXING RITUAL: following the class, the group will perform an ethical hexing on a selected individual or group of individuals who are known to have harmed women that week.

INFORMATION: Orange County Goddess Temple or 949/651-0564
also www.zbudapest.com Check out Z's online University, classic Goddess books, and more great things at her website!

Read Z Budapest's new article Hexing Enemies of Women and Peace here.


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